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Blue Collar Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

This title is controlled by one of those independent promotions that does/did not post its match results consistently. Please do not expect frequent updates or more detail/accuracy for this page. If you have additional information for this title, please send in!

Tex Thompson2010/09/04Portland, OR
Wins battle royal to become the first champion.
Rusty Merkins2011/08<
Keith Atkins2011/08/21Portland, OR
Still champion as of 11/10/18.
Tournament held on 12/02/12.
Robby Lance2012/04/01<
Buddy Highway (Donovan Etzel)2012/04/22Portland, OR
Badd Blood (B.J. Darden) 2012/05/20Portland, OR
Buddy Highway [2]2012/07/01Portland, OR
Demarcus James2012/11/04Portland, OR
Buddy Highway [2]2012/12/02Portland, OR
Demarcus James [2]2012/12/16Portland, OR
Buddy Highway [3]2013/01/06Portland, OR
Eddie Van Damon2013/02/02Portland, OR
Vacant in 13/02.
Keith Atkins [2]2013/02/24Portland, OR
Defeats Buddy Highway in tournament final.
Damon Scythe2013/06/30Portland, OR
Defeats Atkins, Erik Hanson, and Emperor Void in 4-way match.
Erik Hanson2013/09/01<
Big Vicious2013/12/08Portland, OR
Lone Star [2]2014/03<
Tony Stetson2014/03/09Portland, OR
Lone Star [3]2014/04<
Tony Stetson [2]2014/04/13Portland, OR
Lone Star [4]2014/04/27Portland, OR
Erik Hanson [2]2014/05
Lone Star [5]2014/06/06Portland, OR
Defeats Hanson, Ares Toretto, Buddy Highway, and Tony Stetson in 5-way match.
Ares Toretto2014/06/15Portland, OR
Defeats Lone Star and Tony Stetson in 3-way match.
Demarcus James [3]2015/01/04Portland, OR
Tex Thompson [2]2015/01/11Portland, OR
Demarcus James [4] 2015/03/13<
Sometime after 15/02/16.
The Butcher2015/03/15Portland, OR
Gregor Petrov 2015/05/24 Portland, OR
Buddy Highway [4] 2015/08/09 Portland, OR
Tommy Celcious 2015/10/19<  
Held up or vacant probably after a match on 16/01/24 where Celcious is scheduled to face L.B. Moonshine and Tony Steston in a 3-way match.
Dave Hollenbeck 2016/02/21 Portland, OR
Defeats L.B. Moonshine and Tony Steston in a 3-way match for held-up title.
Kaine Jaiden 2016/05/08 Portland, OR
Gregor Petrov [2] 2016/08/21 Portland, OR
Big Vicious 2016/11/13 Portland, OR
This Guy 2016/11/27 Portland, OR
Demarcus James [5] 2017/03/05 Portland, OR
Big Vicious [2] 2017/04<  
Demarcus James [6] 2017/05/07 Portland, OR
Vacant in 17/07.
Cameron Starr 2017/07/23 Portland, OR
A female wrestler, defeats Big Vicious; vacant in 17/08.
J.B. Moonshine 2017/08/27 Portland, OR
Wins tournament.
Lance Dean 2017/09/03 Portland, OR