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NWA Oklahoma Tag Team Title

Brandon Groom & American Anarchy2005/07/24Tulsa, OK
Defeat The New Texas Outlaws (Bernard Funk & Renegade) and John O'Malley & Scotty Charisma in a 3-way elimination match to become the first champions; promotion inactive between 05/09 and 06/05.
High Society: Al Farat & Thomas Trump 2008/06/13 Tahlequah, OK
Defeat the Lonrs: Mark Sterling & Darrien Sanders in a 4-team tournament final; vacant on 09/07/24 after Trump is injured.
A.T.F.: Al Farat & Gurrhai Singh 2010/05/07 Ardmore, OK
Defeat Aerial Assault: Montego Seeka & Ky-ote Joe; vacant in 10.
Aerial Assault: Montego Seeka & Ky-ote Joe 2010/09/17 Ardmore, OK
Defeat Excellence Personified: Michael Barry & Lars Manderson.
Aerial Assault: Montego Seeka & Eric Rose 2011/06
Rose replaces Ky-ote; promotion has closed in 00/10 but returns for one show on 11/06/11.