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Sports Entertainment Wrestling ( 2011/01 - 2015/01 )
NWA Midwest Championship Wrestling ( 2015/01 - 2017/09 )
CityWide Title

Eric Owens2011/01/01Marion, OH
Defeats Rocky Williams.
Steven Messenger2011/03/05Marion, OH
Karma2011/05/28Marion, OH
Jonathan Hampton2011/06/11Marion, OH
Vacant in 11/07.
Twisted2011/08/13Marion, OH
Wins tournament.
Shawn McCarthy2011/10/22Marion, OH
Defeats Twisted, Malice, and Justin Toxicated in 4-way match.
A.J. Snow2012/01/07Marion, OH
Christian Black2012/06/02Marion, OH
Stormy Smilyface2012/11/03Marion, OH
Twisted2013/01/05Marion, OH
Blaze (Joe Bruiser) #2013/04/13Marion, OH
Stripped immediately.
Stormy2013/05/04Marion, OH
Defeats Twisted and Victor Cross in 3-way match.
Jason Franchise2013/08/10Marion, OH
Joe Bruiser2013/10/05Marion, OH
A.J. Snow [2]2014/01/04Marion, OH
Malice2014/06/07Marion, OH
Bruiser Schmidt2014/08/23Marion, OH
Malice [2]2014/12/06Marion, OH
Brandon X 2014/12/06 Marion, OH
Recognized as NWA Midwest Title after 2015/01.
Graham Wellington 2015/02/07Marion, OH
Ganger 2015/05/09 Marion, OH
Stripped on 15/10/10 due to inability to defend on a consistent basis.
A.J. Snow [3] 2015/10/10 Marion, OH
Defeats James Alexander, Gregory Iron, and Kyle Maverick in 4-way match.
James Alexander 2016/02/06 Marion, OH
Vince Brent 2016/04/09 Marion, OH
Vacant in 16.
Derek Direction 2016/11/05 Marion, OH
Defeats Kyle Maverick, Bruiser Schmidt, and A.J. Snow in a gauntlet match.
Marion Fontaine 2017/09/02 Marion, OH
NWA terminates the contracts with its licensees on 17/10/01.