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Rockstar Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Grits & Gravy: Bruce Grey & Jon Murray 2015/09/16 Dayton, OH
Defeat Jeremiah & Nate Wings and the Baddest Killers Alive: Aaron Williams & Jake Crist in 3-way match to become the first champions.
Baddest Killers Alive: Jake Crist & Aaron Williams 2015/10/07Dayton, OH
Grits & Gravy [2] 2015/12/07 Dayton, OH
This is Awkward: Benjamin Kimera & Sid Fabulous 2016/02/08 Dayton, OH
Defeat Grits & Gravy, 2 Bad Dudes, and Viking War Party in 4-corners match.
Foundation: Jake Crist & Ron Mathis 2016/03/23 Dayton, OH
Bro Warriors: Clayton Jackson & Darin Dinero 2016/08/05 Dayton, OH
Foundation [2] 2016/09/02 Dayton, OH
Defeat Bro Warriors, Bad Dudes: Kyle Kraven & Pompano Joe, Fight orr Flight: Kyle Maverick & Nate Wings, and Gregory Iron & Remi Wilkins in 4-way match.
Revolution: Jake Crist & Ron Mathis & Clayton Jackson 2016/11  
The Foundation adds Jackson as a new member and becomes the Revolution.
Night Ryderz: Alex Colon & Dustin Rayz 2016/11/30 Dayton, OH
Defeat Mathis & Jackson.
Hooligans: Devin Cutter & Mason Cutter 2016/12/14 Dayton, OH
Vacant in 17/02 due to injury.
Ugly Ducklings: Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy 2017/03/03 Dayton, OH
Defeat OI4K: Dave Crist & Jake Crist in tournament final; vacant in 17/06 when the Ugly Ducklings do not defend the title for more than 30 days.
Hooligans [2] 2017/06/14 Dayton, OH
Defeat the Night Ryderz: Alex Colon & Dustin Rayz.
Night Ryderz [2] 2017/07/07 Dayton, OH
Team with Aaron Williams to defeat Gucci Gang: Zachary Wentz & Clayton Jackson & Myron Reed in 8-team tournament final on 17/11/08 in Dayton, OH to become the first Trios Champions.

* Replaced with Rockstar Pro Trios Title.