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Rockstar Pro Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2018/01/05)

Benjamin Kimera 2013/08/02 Dayton, OH
Defeats Aaron Williams, Jake Crist, Matt Taylor, Nate Wings, and Ron Mathis in 6-way match to become the first champion.
Aaron Williams 2013/11/13Dayton, OH
Alex Colon 2013/07/09 Dayton, OH
Rhino 2013/07/11Dayton, OH
Defeats Colon and Aaron Williams in 3-way match.
D.J. Hyde 2013/07/11 Dayton, OH
Jake Crist 2014/11/07Dayton, OH
Ron Mathis 2015/03/06 Dayton, OH
Aaron Williams [2] 2015/10/28 Dayton, OH
David Starr 2015/12/07 Dayton, OH
Defeats Williams and Dave Crist in 3-way match.
Aaron Williams [3] 2016/04/08 Dayton, OH
Defeats Starr, Jonathan Gresham, and Dezmond Xavier in 4-way match.
Sami Callihan 2016/06/01 Dayton, OH
Jeremiah 2017/03/03 Dayton, OH
Defeats Callihan, Shigehiro Irie, and Zachary Wentz in 4-way match.
Nevaeh 2017/05/12 Dayton, OH
Wins in a tag team match, teaming with Jake Crist to defeat Jeremiah & Samantha Heights.
Jeremiah [2] 2017/07/07 Dayton, OH
Trey Miguel 2017/09/01 Dayton, OH
Jake Crist 2017/12/01 Dayton, OH