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Northern Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/08/29)

Glamour Boys: Bret Michales & Butch the Brawler1995/04/08Reading, OH
Defeat Big Kahuna & Dugan the Lumberjack; vacant in 95.
Sean Casey & Chris Harris1995/06/22Erlanger, KY
Defeat the Spoiler & Sam Cody.
The Spoiler & Tower of Doom1996/02/22Erlanger, KY
Roughriders: Dozer & Bill E. Bear1996/10/17Price Hill, OH
King Kahuna & Prince Justice1997/02/23Price Hill, OH
Billy Niles & Rob Williams1997/09/10Harrison, IN
Contractors: Bret Michaels & Jack Hammer1998/04/18Erlanger, KY
Bret Michaels & King Kahuna1998/06/13Erlanger, KY
Michaels defats Hammer and selects Kahuna as new partner.
BullDozer: Bull Hardy & Dozer2000/01<
Still champions as of 00/06/10.
The Movement2001/07<
Jason Cross & Nick Rivers2001/07/21Erlanger, KY
O'Lucky Cab Company: Honest Bret & Taxi2002/03/16<
Jay Donaldson & Chad Allegra (Karl Anderson)2003/01/25Wilmington, OH
The Attack Pack2003/08/17Wilmington, OH
The Kansas Outlaws2004/06/12Fairfield, OH
Weird Science2004/11/06Blanchester, OH
The Hippies: Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde2005/01/15Fairfield, OH
Stripped in 05/09.
TNT: Tony Bryant & Tiny Tim2005/10/22Fairfield, OH
Defeat Ryan Stone & Matt Parks in tournament final.
Muldoon & King Kahuna2006/08/26Walton, KY
Freaks & Geeks: Austin Meddler & Melvin Winkleman2007/03/17Walton, KY
The Thugs: Nasty Russ & T-Money2007/06/15Ft. Wright, KY
Tap or Snap: Stewie Backlund & Tiny Tim2008/02/02Ft. Wright, KY
Vacant in 08.
The Thugs [2]2008/05/24Walton, KY
Defeat Tap or Snap: Stewie Backlund & Tiny Tim.
The Infection2009/03/21Ft. Wright, KY
The Hippies [2]2009/11/25Ft. Wright, KY
Matt Stephens & Danny Todd2010/08/07Fairfield, OH
Still champions as of 10/08/21.
Horatio Sanchez & Miguel Sanchez2012/06<
Steele Smooth2012/07/07Fairfield, OH
Horatio Sanchez & Miguel Sanchez [2]2012/08/11Fairfield, OH
The Revolution: Jeremiah & Nicholas2012/10/13Ft. Wright, KY
Defeat the Brothers Sanchez and the Hippies: Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde in 3-way match.
Stewie Backlund & Sean Harddrive2013/08/17Fairfield, OH
The Revolution: Ryan Fitzgerald & Rickey Cardinal2013/10/26Fairfield, OH
The Dysfunctional Duo: Johnny Robinson & Dustin Lillard2013/11/09Cincinnati, OH
Dirty South2014/01/01Cincinnati, OH
The Stewner Bros.2014/05/31Fairfield, OH
The Revolution [3]2014/07/19Fairfield, OH
The Eds2014/10/17Cincinnati, OH
Brody Cormick & Big League2014/12/28Fairfield, OH
Jordan Lachey & Jeff Richards 2015/04/18 Fairfield, OH
Vacant in 16.
Justin Lane & Jay Donaldson 2016/02/06 Cincinnati, OH
Defeat the Every Day Plays in tournament final.
Tough Justice: Ryan Stone & Matt Stevens 2016/08/13 Fairfield, OH
Jordan Clearwater & David Tyler 2017/02/18 Fairfield, OH
Tough Justice [2] 2017/03/25 Fairfield, OH
Jordan Clearwater & David Tyler [2] 2017/08/19 Fairfield, OH