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Northern Wrestling Federation
Lightweight Title

Pompano Joe2003/07/26Florence, KY
Defeats Jesse Hyde, The American Eagle, and Christopher Michael Lotus in 4-way match to become the first champion.
Christopher Michael Lotus2004/01/03Fairfield, OH
Ice2005/04/16Fairfield, OH
Tiny Tim2005/06/03Cincinnati, OH
The Zodiac2005/10/15Cincinnati, OH
Scott Hayes2006/01/21Cincinnati, OH
The Zodiac [2]2006/02/18Walton, KY
Jeremy Hyde2006/07/08Cincinnati, OH
Christopher Michael Lotus [2]2006/10/28Fairfield, OH
Defeats Tiny Tim to unify Bonekrushers Title on 07/01/21 in Cincinnati, OH; becomes NWF Unified Title.

* See NWF Unified Title.