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Last updated on 2013/11/23

National Wrestling Federation
World Tag Team Title

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The Outlaws:Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes 1970/03/12Cleveland, OH
Defeat Ben Justice & The Stomper in one-night tournament final.
Johnny Powers & Chief White Owl 1970/08/29 Akron, OH
Don Fargo & Johnny Fargo (Greg Valentine) 1971/01/07 Cleveland, OH
Defeat Chief White Owl & Luis Martinez.
Luis Martinez & Chief White Owl 1971 Cincinnati, OH *
Kurt von Hess & Eric the Red 1971/07/22 Cleveland, OH
Win tournament.
Mitsu Arakawa & Yoshino Sato1972/01/19Buffalo, NY
Defeat Tony Parisi & Dominic Denucci in a one-night 6-team tournament final.
Tony Parisi & Dominic Denucci1972/03
Don Fargo & Johnny Fargo [2] 1972/05/11Cleveland, OH
Tony Parisi & Dominic Denucci [2]1972/05
Don Fargo & Johnny Fargo [3]1972/05/24Buffalo, NY
Wahoo McDaniel & White Owl1972/08<Cleveland, OH
Sometime after 72/08/14.
Don Fargo & Johnny Fargo [4] 1972/09/15<
Still champion as of 72/11/02.
Tony Parisi & Luis Martinez 1972/12 Cincinnati, OH
Johnny Powers & Jacques Rougeau 1973/05/02 Buffalo, NY
Defeat Love Brothers in a final of a one-night 6-team tournament.
Geeto Mongol & J.B. Psycho 1973/05
Fred Curry & Luis Martinez 1973/06/30<
Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Schotz1974/05<
Also hold NWA North American Tag Team Title; promotion closes in 74.

* See NWA North American Tag Team Title.

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