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Last updated on 2017/10/17

Midwest Wrestling Association
World Junior Heavyweight Title ( 1939/12 - 1954 )
Junior Heavyweight Title ( 1954 - 1958 )

Billy Weidner1939/12/19Dayton, OH
Wins tournament to become first champion.
Gil Knutsen1940/02/08Dayton, OH
Jules Larance1940/05/31Columbus, OH
Billy Weidner [2]1941/01/16Columbus, OH
Frankie Talaber1941/02/13Columbus, OH
Bob Kenaston1941/07/02Columbus, OH
Jules Larance [2]1941/09/03Dayton, OH
Bob Kenaston [2]1941/09/18Columbus, OH
Dave Reynolds1941/10/16Columbus, OH
Jules Larance [3]1941/10/31Columbus, OH
Billy Thom1942/02/12Columbus, OH
Ali Pasha1942/02/26Columbus, OH
Jules Larance [4]1942/03/05Columbus, OH
Great Mephisto1942/08/11Dayton, OH
Jules Larance [5]1942/08/25Dayton, OH
Martino Angelo1942/10/13Dayton, OH
Jules Larance [6]1942/11/03Dayton, OH
Martino Angelo [2]1942/11/10Dayton, OH
Changes in 42/10 and 42/11 are not recognized in Columbus, where Angelo defeats Larance on 42/11/11.
Billy Thom [2]1943/01/01Columbus, OH
Jules Larance [7]1943/03/04Columbus, OH
Billy Thom [3]1943/06/30Columbus, OH
Martino Angelo [3]1943/09/09Columbus, OH
Frankie Talaber [2]1943/10/21Columbus, OH
Jules Larance [8]1944/02/17Columbus, OH
Great Mephisto [2]1944/03/30Columbus, OH
Disputed decision; defeats Larance on 44/04/10 in Columbus, OH to become undisputed champion.
Frankie Talaber [3]1944/05/11Columbus, OH
Billy Weidner [3] 1944/07/13Columbus, OH
Great Mephisto [3]1944/11/16Columbus, OH
Frankie Talaber [4]1945/01/04Columbus, OH
Pierre Labelle1945/03/06Dayton, OH
Frankie Talaber [5]1945/03/29Columbus, OH
Johnny Demchuk1945/10/11Columbus, OH
Bob Cummings1946/04/25Columbus, OH
Johnny Demchuk [2]1946/05/22Columbus, OH
Bob Cummings [2]1947/01/22Columbus, OH
Johnny Demchuk [3]1947/06/04Columbus, OH
Billy Weidner [4]1948/01/29Columbus, OH
Johnny Demchuk [4]1948/05/05Columbus, OH
Lou Klein1948/10/23Columbus, OH
Johnny Demchuk [5]1948/11/06Columbus, OH
Tommy Martindale 1948/12/23Hamilton, OH
Johnny Demchuk [6]1949/01/01Columbus, OH
Martino Angelo [4]1949/04/07Toledo, OH
Billy Fox1949/05/04Columbus, OH
Martino Angelo [5]1949/05/11Columbus, OH
Frankie Talaber [6]1949/09/14Columbus, OH
Cyclone Anaya 1949/09/27 Cleveland, OH
Frankie Talaber [7]1950/01/05Columbus, OH
Salvatore Balbo (Johnny Balbo) defeats Anaya for the title on 50/01/21 in Dover, OH, probably for the local recognition.
Jackie Nichols1951/01/04Columbus, OH
Roy Shire1951/03/15Columbus, OH
Frankie Talaber [8]1951/06/14Columbus, OH
Marvin Mercer1951/08/02Columbus, OH
Roy Shire [2]1952/03/18Dayton, OH
Joe Scarpello1952/06/03Dayton, OH
Ed Francis1952/11/24Huntington, WV
Lou Klein [2]1953/03/19Columbus, OH
Ed Francis [2]1953/03/27Columbus, OH
Vacates when Francis cannot make weight limit.
Frankie Talaber [9]1953/05/15Columbus, OH
Defeats Joe Scarpello in tournament final.
Oyama Kato1954/01/27Mansfield, OH
Again defeats Talaber on 54/02/09 in Dayton, OH
Frankie Talaber [10]1954/02/23Dayton, OH
Eddie Gossett (Eddie Graham) 1954/07/15Columbus, OH
Billy Varga1954/11/11Columbus, OH
Joe Scarpello [2]1955/09/02Columbus, OH
Mystery Man1956/04/26Columbus, OH
Joe Scarpello [3]1956/05/03Columbus, OH
Ray Stevens1956/06/14Columbus, OH
Jim Hady1956/08/02Dayton, OH
Paul DeGalles 1957/05/27 Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Dick Torio1957/09/05Columbus, OH
Jim Hady [2] 1958/02/27 Columbus, OH
Torio continues to be billed as champion in Akron, OH as late as 58/03/16.
Paul DeGalles [2] 1959/08/03<
Sometime after 59/07/15; still champion as of 59/08/31.
Marvin Mercer [2] 1959/11/01<  
Chris Belkas 1962/06/07<
Billed as champion in Marion, OH; still champion as of 62/07/18.
Billy Fox [2] 1962/10/16<
Billed as champion in Sandusky, OH.