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Heartland Wrestling Association
Tag Team Title

Head Bangers: Mosh & Thrasher 96/01
Vacant when Head Bangers jump to WWF.
Brian Taylor & The Bounty Hunter97/08/22Harveysburg, OH
Defeat Bobo Brazil Jr. and Andy Chene in a tournament final.
Chip Fairway & Cody Hawk98/09/23Lima, OH
Brian Taylor & Sean Casey99/01/23Hamilton, OH
Chip Fairway & Cody Hawk [2]99/02/27Hamilton, OH
Alexis Machine & Brian Fury99/08/25Blanchester, OH
Cody Hawk & Mad Anthony McMurphy00/02/19Hamilton, OH
Defeat Machine, Suicido, & GQ Masters III, subbing for Fury.
Brian Fury & Bobby Casanova00/06/17Hamilton, OH
The A Squad: Chet Jablonski & Dean Jablonski 00/10/07Blanchester, OH
Defeat Casanova and Cody Hawk & Anthony McMurphy in a 3-way match.
Cody Hawk & Anthony McMurphy01/01/26Rising Sun, IN
The Jablonski Brothers (A Squad) [2] 01/03/16Rising Sun, IN
AAA & Nigel McGuinness01/07/10Cincinnati, OH
Nigel McGuinness defeats Dean Jablonski, with a stipulation that the title can change hands due to Chet Jablonski's illnesses that prevents the title from being defended.
The A Squad [3]01/08/07Cincinnati, OH
Evan Karagias & Shannon Moore01/10/13Batavia, OH
The Island Boyz01/11/14Dayton, OH
Val Venis & Steve Bradley01/12/08Batavia, OH
Mike Sanders & Lance Cade02/02/13Dayton, OH
Vacant on 02/02/13 in Dayton, OH when the team splits up.
Lance Cade & Steve Bradley02/02/20Cincinnati, OH
Cade defeats Sanders in a singles match to win the tag team title and chooses Bradley as a new partner.
Raven & Hugh Morrus02/03/12Cincinnati, OH
Lance Cade & Steve Bradley [2]02/03/15Dayton, OH
Ice Cream Man & Cody Hawk02/04/10Batavia, OH
Nigel McGuinness & Human Time Bomb [2]02/07/23Cincinnati, OH
Southern Breeze: Matt Dillinger & Brother Clay 02
Stripped on 02/11/09 in Batavia, OH due to interference from Jaxon Breeze during a match between Southern Breeze and Psycho Sarge & Private Joseth Castle.
Rory Fox & Matt Stryker02/12/07Batavia, OH
Defeat Cody Hawk & Race Steele in a tournament final.
Cody Hawk & Chet Jablonski03/03/25 Cincinnati, OH
D-Lo Brown & Matt Stryker03/05/23Dayton, OH
T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr03/07/19Columbus, OH
Cody Hawk & Chet Jablonski [3]
Vacant after Chet leaves for Puerto Rico and Cody becomes injured.
The Riggs Brothers: Johnny & Jason 03/11/26Wilmington, OH
Win tournament.
T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr [2]03/12/16Cincinnati, OH
Crazy J (Jake Crist) & Lotus (DaveCrist)04/02/06Cincinnati, OH
T.J. Dalton & J.T. Stahr [3]04/02/10Cincinnati, OH
HWA Icons: Cody Hawk & Matt Stryker 04/04/02Cincinnati, OH
Benjamin Kimera & Shawn Osbourne04/06/15Cincinnati,
Crazy J & Lotus [2]04/08/17Cincinnati, OH
Foreign Intelligence: Quinten Lee & Ala Hussein 04/10/05Cincinnati, OH
HWA Icons [2]04/10/26Cincinnati, OH
Stripped in 04.
Tack & Mike Desire04/12/17
Win tournament.
Necessary Roughness: Jimmy Turner & Jon Moxley 05/03/11Cincinnati, OH
Foreign Intelligence [2]05/05/13Cincinnati, OH
Matt Stryker & Tack05/10/25Cincinnati, OH
Brian Jennings & Kimera05/12/13Cincinnati, OH
Foreign Intelligence [3]06/02/21Cincinnati, OH
The Mavericks: Aaron Williams & Alan Wasylychyn 06/07/11Cincinnati, OH
Irish Airborne: Jake Crist & Dave Crist [3] 06/10/20Cincinnati, OH
Defeat the Mavericks, Ala Hussein & Quinten Lee, Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe, Andre Heart & Deja Vu, and Ed Gonzales & Super Zeta in a Gauntlet Match.
Tack & Tarek The Great07/03/10Cincinnati, OH
Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley07/06/12Cincinnati, OH
Defeat Tack & Tarek and Irish Airborne in a 3-way match.
G.P. Code: Andre Heart & Deja Vu 07/06/16 Cincinnati, OH
Defeat Hawk, Moxley, & Kimo in a handicap match.
The Entourage: J.T. Stahr & The Madness 08/09/24Middletown, OH
Deja Vu & Benjamin Kimera 08/11/19 Middletown, OH
Defeat Deja Vu & Dave Crist, subbing for Heart.
The Entourage [2] 08/11/22 Middletown, OH
G.P. Code [2] 08/12/19 Middletown, OH
Win a 6-man tag team match, teaming with Benjamin Kimera to face The Entourage: Stahr, the Madness, & V-Rad.
Hybrids: Donovan Cain & Jason Lyte 09/02/11 Middletown, OH
G.P. Code [3] 09/04/11 Peoria, IL
Hybrids [2] 09/04/18 Norwood, OH
Kosher Klub: Joseph Schwartz & Sean Tylerstein 09/09/26 Norwood, OH
Royal Violence: King Vu & Jon Moxley 09/10/14 Middletown, OH
Irish Airborne [4] 09/12/02 Middletown, OH
Royal Violence [2] 09/12/19 Norwood, OH
Irish Airborne [5] 10/01/13 Middletown, OH
Noble Bloods: Lord Matthew Taylor & Sir Chadwick Cruise 10/02/24 Middletown, OH
Loco Mendoza & Loto Mendoza 10/05/29 Norwood, OH
Heatseekers: Jeremy Madrox & Kaden Assad 10/12/18 Norwood, OH
DNA: Doug Charlez & Aaron Xtreme 11/07/16 Hamilton, OH
Heatseekers [2] 11/08/27 Norwood, OH
By forfeit due to a neck injury suffered by Xtreme.
Noble Bloods [2] 11/10/29 Norwood, OH
American Wrestling Warriors: Jeff Mayhem & Troy Marcum 11/12/17 Hamilton, OH
Defeat Noble Bloods, DNA: Doug Charlez & Aaron McCormick, and Heatseekers: Jeremy Madrox & Kaden Assad in a 4-way elimination match.
DNA [2] 12/02/07 Hamilton, OH
American Wrestling Warriors [2] 12/02/25 Hamilton, OH
Heavyweight Heroes: Jon Murray & Clark Konnor 12/04/03 Hamilton, OH
Jesse Emerson & Chris Hall 12/04/24 Hamilton, OH
Delcared vacant on 13/04/19; inactive.

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