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Heartland Wrestling Association
American Luchacore Title

Aaron Williams 2009/06/10
Awarded the title to replace the Cruiserweight Title; vacates on 10/01/06 to focus on the Heavyweight Title.
Jesse Emerson 2010/01/28 Middletown, OH
Wins a 6-way match against Kaden Assad, Sid Fabulous, The Madness, Tim Donst, and Ron Mathis.
Ron Mathis 2010/05/26 Middletown, OH
Sid Fabulous 2010/12/18 Norwood, OH
Ron Mathis [2] 2011/06/03 Hamilton, OH
Dave Crist 2011/07/16 Hamilton, OH
Ron Mathis [3] 2011/08/27 Norwood, OH
Dave Crist [2] 2011/12/17 Hamilton, OH
Gerome Phillips 2012/02/25 Hamilton, OH
Nick Cutler 2012/04/03 Hamilton, OH
Alex Colon 2012/05/22 Hamilton, OH
Defeats Cutler, Dave Crist, and Trevor Court in a 4-way match.
Trevor Court 2012/07/31 Hamilton, OH
Defeats Colon and Dave Crist in a 3-way match.
Remi Wilkins 2012/10/02 Hamilton, OH
Title retired on 13/04/19.

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