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Buckeye Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title

American Youth: J.T. Stahr & T.J. Dalton03/09/12Middletown, OH
Defeat Dean Jablonski & Chet Jablonski in tournament final.
Simply Fabulous: Carlton Kaz & Fabulous Frederick04/02/27Middletown, OH
Defeat American Youth and Lotus & Crazy J in a 3-way elimination match.
Lotus & Crazy J.04/06/04Middletown, OH
Declared vacant after a match against Chad Allegra & Mongo on 05/05/06 in Middletown, OH.
Foreign Intelligence: Ala Hussein & Quinten Lee05/08/05 Middletown, OH
Wins an 8-team gauntlet match.
Shark Boy & Cody Hawk06/02/17Middletown, OH
Declared vacant after a match against Lotus & Crazy J. on 06/08/10 in Middletown, OH.
Shark Boy & Cody Hawk [2]06/10/29Middletown, OH
Defeat Lotus & Crazy J.
Eddie Gonzales & Jake Simmons07/03/04Middletown, OH
Todd Mullins & Donny Redd07/08/19Middletown, OH
Team with Traci Brooks to defeat Gonzales, Simmons & Heather Owens.
Eddie Gonzales & Jake Simmons [2]07/10/28Middletown, OH
By default after Redd is injured.
Twin Peaks: Tom Bellman & Dustin Thomas07/10/28Middletown, OH
Still champions as of 08/10/19.

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