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Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Surfs Up: Coconut Jones & Ron Falco 2014/04/19 Rochester, NY
Defeats Roc City Warriors and Those Guys in a 3-way match to become the first champions
Vanguard 2.0: Jordan Falco & Chip Stetson 2015/06/06Rochester, NY
Sweet Intensity: Bobby DiPinto & Rob Sweet 2016/02/13 Rochester, NY
Defeat Vanguard 2.0, Tigerslayer 08: Coleman Jackson & Krist Worthless, and Homewreckers: Anthony Gaines & Jet Rebel in 4-way match.
Interstate Educational System: Dewey Murray & Professor Wessler 2016/04/09 Rochester, NY
Wet Bandits: Eric Rosecroft & Joe O'Connor 2016/12/10 Rochester, NY
Wrestling Liberation Front: Cloudy & Krist Worthless 2017/06/10 Rochester, NY
Defiance: Maximo Suave & Chris Cayden 2018/01/13 Rochester, NY
UPW champions, defeat the Wrestling Liberation Front in a unification match.

* Unified with UPW Tag Team Title.