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Kayfabe Dojo Title ( 2003/12 - 2008 )
Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Heavyweight Title ( 2013/04 - 2018/01 )

Hellcat2003/12/06Rochester, NY
Defeats Spazz and Colin Olsen in a 3-way match; vacant when hellcat retires.
Jimmy Olsen2004/02/07Rochester, NY
Defeats Chip Stetson.
Gabe Saint2004/03/21Rochester, NY
Brodie Lee2004/07/03Rochester, NY
Reigning Television champion; wins a 4-way unification match against Saint, Mean Marcos, and Freddy Midnight to unify Television Title.
Mean Marcos2004/09/25Rochester, NY
Chip Stetson2004/11/13Rochester, NY
Jake N' Bake2005/04/09Webster, NY
J.P. Black2005/10/29Rochester, NY
Eric Everlast2006/06/10Rochester, NY
Will Christenson2007/02/10Rochester, NY
J.P. Black [2]2007/04/07Henrietta, NY
Jon Bolen 2007/06/09 Henrietta, NY
Defeats Black, Cloudy, and Colin Olsen in a 4-way match; title retired in 08.
Cloudy 2013/04/13  
Defeats Evan McCloud.
Frank Burlington 2014/04/12  
Hellcat [2] 2014/10/12 Rochester, NY
Chris Cayden 2016/06/11 Rochester, NY
Jeremy Jensen 2016/12/10 Rochester, NY
Jason Savior 2017/04/08 Rochester, NY
Eric Rosecroft 2017/10/14 Rochester, NY
Jeremy Jensen [2] 2017/12/09 Rochester, NY
Defeats 585 Live champion Boz on 18/01/13 in Rochester, NY to unify both titles.

* Unified with UPW 585 Live Title.