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NWA Empire Lord of the Dance Title

Will Christenson2006/09/30St. Johnsburg, NY
Defeats Chris Cooper and Damien Alexander to become the first champion.
Colin Olsen2007/05/19N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeats Christensen and Damien Alexander; vacant on 08/02/09 after Olsen joins WWE.
Stargazer 2008/02/09 N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeats Super Assassin and Gabriel Saint; vacates on 08/06/24 to concentrate on winning the NWA Empire Tag Team Title.
Kevin Grace 2008/08/23 N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeats Gabe Saint and Zak Atticus.
Johnny Adams 2008/12/06 N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeats Grace and Tommy Mandrake; vacant in 09.
Zach Atticus 2009/02/07N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeats Chris White and Gabe Saint; title retired in 09/07 when the promotion merges with NWA Upstate to become NWA New York.

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