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USA Pro Wrestling ( 1997/06 - 2004/12 )
USA Xtreme Wrestling ( 2004/12 - 2007/06 )
New York Heavyweight Title

Mr. Puerto Rico00/04/22Bronx, NY
Defeats Prince Nana and Filthy Creep in a 3-way match to become the first champion.
Manny Fernandez 00/04/23  
Prince Nana 00/05/13 Lawrence, NY
Ken Sweeney 00/09/10 Lawrence, NY
Defeats Prince Nana, Gino Caruso, and Biggie Brooklyn in a 4-way match.
Jimmy Snuka 00/11/02  
Stripped on 01/03/04.
Boogalou 01/03/04 Lawrence, NY
Defeats Damian Dragon.
Prince Nana [2] 01/08/26 Atlantic Beach, NY
Vacates on 01/09/08.
Striker 01/10/20 Deer Park, NY
Defeats Lo Ryda, Ken Sweeney, and Tim Arson in a 4-corner match; stripped on 02/01/11.
Damian Dragon 02/01/11 Queens, NY
Defeats Prince Nana, Tim Arson, Divine, Wayne, and Iceberg in a 6-way match.
Iceberg 02/02/16 Deer Park, NY
Defeats Dragon, Wayne, Frankie Starz, Jimmy Hustler, and DEFCON in a 6-man 4-corner match.
Wayne 02/05/18 Queens, NY
Title inactive in 02/06.
Tim Arson 04/02/14 Bethpage, NY
Wins a battle royal; title later forgotten.
Bison Bravado 06/03/25 Bethpage, NY
Defeats Johnny TNT after they become the last two in a battle royal to determine the finalists for the revived title; stripped on 07/06/16.

* Replaced with UXW Florida Heavyweight Title.

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