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USA Pro Wrestling ( 2002/08 - 2004/12 )
USA Xtreme Wrestling ( 2004/12 - 2008 )
Xtreme Title

Xavier02/08/17Deer Park, NY
Defeats Amazing Red, Brian XL, and Kid Kash in a 4-corner match to become the first champion.
Homicide 02/11/22 Queens, NY
Wins a 4-corner match; stripped in 03.
Grim Reefer 03/04/05 Queens, NY
Defeats Deranged, Brian X.L., and Ghost Shadow in a 4-corner match.
Xavier [2] 03/08/29 Queens, NY
Deranged 03/09/26 Queens, NY
Vacates in 04.
Slyck Wagner Brown 04/05/14 Queens, NY
Defeats Wayne in the finals of a gauntlet match; vacates after an argument with UXW owner Frank Goodman.
Elix Skipper 05/02/26 Bethpage, NY
Defeats Azrieal, Deranged, Sonjay Dutt, and Xavier in a 5-way match.
Frankie Kazarian 05/09/24 Old Bethpage, NY
Stripped on 11/26/05.
Grim Reefer [2] 05/11/26 Old Bethpage, NY
Defeats Nick Berk and Dagon Briggs in a 3-way match.
Trent Acid 06/02/03 Jamaica, NY
Vacates on 06/09/23.
Krazy K 07/02/24 Orlando, FL
Defeats Naphtali, Greatness, Chasyn Rance, Jerrelle Clark, T.J. Mack, and Billy Reil in a 7-way match.
Trent Acid [2] 07/09/29 Orlando, FL
Promotion closes in 08.

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