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New York Wrestling Connection
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/12/23)

Team Corona: Max Milyin & Spyder2003/02/01
Defeat Nuke & King Nothing to become the first champions.
Mikey Whipwreck & Wayne2003/06/07Deer Park, NY
Win a gauntlet match against Spyder & Joey Baggiol (subbing for Milyn) and Solution & Ken Scampi.
No Highspots Needed: Tyler Payne & Ru Starr2003/09/27Deer Park, NY
Ru Starr & Wayne2004/01/10Deer Park, NY
Matt Striker & Rob Eckos (Robbie E.)2004/05/08
Los Luchas Hermanos: Spyder & Ken Scampi2004/07/10Long Beach, NY
Wayne & Tyler Payne2004/07/24
Dickie Rodz & Mason Raige2005/01/29Deer Park, NY
Brian Myers & Brett Matthews2005/06/04Lindenhurst, NY
Dead Presidents: Boog Washington & Lo Lincoln2005/08/27Deer Park, NY
Team Tremendous: Ken Scampi & Dan Barry2005/09/23Deer Park, NY
Brian Myers & Brett Matthews [2]2006/01/28Deer Park, NY
B.S. Express: Tony Burma & Mike Spinelli2006/03/26Dover, NJ
Dead Presidents [2]2006/07/28Deer Park, NY
Dan Dynasty & Jamie Van Lemer 2007/03/31Deer Park, NY
Defeat Boog Washington & Diablo Santiago, subbing for Lo Lincoln.
Maverick & Plazma 2007/07/21Deer Park, NY
Defeat Dynasty & Van Lemer and the Angus Brothers in a 3-way match.
Foreign Legion: Prince Nana & Mega 2007/12/15
Los Lunatics: Boogalou & Eddie Guapo 2008/08/02Ronkonkoma, NY
Black Circle: Stockade & Syther2008/09/20Ronkonkoma, NY
Blake Morris & Stockade2008/12/27Ronkonkoma, NY
High Society: Blake Morris & Mike Reed2009/04/25
Big Time Rush: Ryan Rush & Tony Burma2009/07/11Pt. Jefferson Station, NY
Celtic Saints: Michael Mansfield & Kieran Mansfield2009/09/19Pt. Jefferson Station, NY
Dirty Rednex: Dirty Moore & Dirty Joe 2010/01/30 Deer Park, NY
Celtic Saints [2] 2010/03/27 Woodside, NY
Big Time Rush [2] 2010/04/10 Pt. Jefferson Station, NY
Mikey Whipwreck & Syther 2010/09/11 St. James, NY
All Money Is Legal: K-Pu$ha & K-Murda 2010/12/11 Pt. Jefferson Station, NY
Stripped on 11/02/26 when K-Pu$sha is unable to defend.
Big Time Rush [3] 2011/02/26 Deer Park, NY
Win a 3-way match against Mikey Whipwreck & Syther and King & I: King Mega & Alex Reynolds.
Kind and I: King Mega & Alex Reynolds 2011/03/26 Deer Park, NY
Win a 3-way match against Big Time Rush and Pat Buck & Tony Nese.
Dan Eckos & Kenny Royal 2011/05/21 Deer Park, NY
King and I [2] 2011/06/11 Port Jefferson Station, NY
Royally Phat: DJ Pat & MC Kenny Royal 2011/06/18 Deer Park, NY
Order of the Black: Dickie Rodz & Rex Lawless 2011/06/18 Deer Park, NY
Defeat Royal & Danny E, subbing for Pat who is attacked by Rodz & Lawless before the match.
Order of the Black: Mikey Whipwreck & Rex Lawless 2011/10/22 Deer Park, NY
Before 3-way title match between Rodz & Lawless, Whipwreck & Tony Burma, and DJ Pat & MC Kenny Royal, Whipwreck turns on Burma and joined the Order of the Black; Whipwreck then teams with Lawless to win the match.
Slophunters: Alex Reynolds & John Silver 2012/10/20 Deer Park, NY
Billed as the Beaver Boys after 13/01.
Bill Carr & Smith James 2013/02/24 Deer Park, NY
Mikey Whipwreck & Stockade 2013/06/15 Deer Park, NY
Athletic Inc: Matt Justice & Jessie Vane 2013/07/25 Deer Park, NY
Defeat Stockade & The Big O, subbing for Whipwreck.
Mikey Whipwreck & Stockade [2] 2013/10/19 Deer Park, NY
Defeat Athletic Inc and Tony Burma & Ryan Rush in 3-way match.
Matt Justice & Jesse Vane 2013/11/30 Deer Park, NY
Rack & Sack: Dickie Rodz & Nikki Starr 2014/04/26 Deer Park, NY
Juicy Product: J.T. Dunn & David Starr 2014/06/28 Deer Park, NY
Vacant on 14/09/27.
Milk Chocolate: Brandon Watts & Randy Summers 2014/10/25 Deer Park, NY
Defeat Battlestar Gulaktica: Joe Gacy & Drew Gulak and the Premiere Gods: Anthony Nese & Papadon in 3-way match.
Team Tremendous: Bill Carr & Dan Barry 2014/12/27 Deer Park, NY
Milk Chocolate [2] 2015/02/28 Deer Park, NY
Defeat Team Tremendous, The Juicy Product: David Starr & JT Dunn, and The FBI: Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke in 4-way match.
Flawless & Lawless: Blake Morris & Rex Lawless 2015/07/30 Deer Park, NY
Milk Chocolate [3] 2015/09/26 Deer Park, NY
Defeat Flawless And Lawless and Mike Verna & Talon in 3-way match.
Flawless & Lawless [2] 2015/10/24 Deer Park, NY
A-Listers: Alvin Alvarez & J-Redd 2016/07/28 Deer Park, NY
Hounds of Hatred: Bam Sullivan & Boo Sullivan 2016/07/28 Deer Park, NY
Spirit Squad: Kenny & Mikey 2016/11/12 Coram, NY
Hounds of Hatred [2] 2016/11/26 Deer Park, NY
Born And Bred: Anthony LaCerra & Jesse Vane 2017/01/28 Deer Park, NY
Brad Benson & C.J. Benson 2017/10/21 Deer Park, NY
Defeat Born And Bred and Gangta In Training & J-Redd in 3-way match.