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New York Wrestling Connection
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/03/22)

Dickie Rodz2003/02/01
Defeats Ru Starr to become the first champion
Live Wyre (Mike Mondo)2003/06/07Deer Park, NY
Vacant in 03.
Tyler Payne2003/08/16Deer Park, NY
Defeats Dickie Rodz on 8-man tournament final.
Mikey Whipwreck2004/01/10Deer Park, NY
Grim Reefer2004/08/21
Vacant in 04.
Joey Matthews2004/12/11Deer Park, NY
Wins a 3-way match.
Mike Mondo [2]2005/03/26Park, NY
Matt Striker2005/04/30Park, NY
Jerry Lynn2005/07/30Deer Park, NY
Wins a tag team match, teaming with Christopher Daniels against Striker & Rob Eckos.
Dickie Rodz [2]2005/12/17Deer Park, NY
Mason Raige2006/02/25Deer Park, NY
Vacant in 06.
Matt Hyson2006/05/20Deer Park, NY
Wins a 15-man battle royal.
Dickie Rodz [3]2006/06/24Deer Park, NY
Defeats Hyson and Jerry Lynn in a 3-way match.
Mike Spinelli 2007/09/21Mastic Beach, NY
Quiet Storm 2007/12/15
Mikey Whipwreck [2] 2008/02/23Deer Park, NY
King Mega2008/10/18Ronkonkoma, NY
Tony Nese 2010/01/30 Deer Park, NY
Papadon 2010/05/22 Deer Park, NY
Tony Nese [2] 2010/08/14 Port Jefferson Station, NY
Alex Reynolds 2010/10/23 Port Jefferson Station, NY
Ryan Rush 2011/01/29 Deer Park, NY
Vacant in 11/08 due to injury.
John Silver 2011/08/25 Deer Park, NY
Wins "Rapid Fire" elimination match against Sami Callihan, Tony Nese, Alex Reynolds, and Appolyon.
Apollyon 2011/10/22 Deer Park, NY
Big O. 2013/02/24 Deer Park, NY
Wins "Psycho Circus", teaming with Alvin Alvarez & Mikey Whipwreck & Stockade to defeat Order of the Black: Apollyon & Dickie Rodz & Rex Lawless & Ryan Rush; vacant on 14/01/25 due to injury..
Mike Mondo [3] 2014/02/15 Deer Park, NY
Defeats King Mega during the "Psycho Circus" match.

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