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Last updated on 2017/02/02

World Light Heavyweight Title
[New York & Pennsylvania]

Americus (Gus Schoenlein) 1909/03/17 Baltimore, MD, USA
American champion, defeats European champion Bob Monogoff to be recognized as world champion; still champion in New York as of 11/04/22; may be vacant when Americus wins World Heavyweight Title on 14/03/13 in Kansas City, MO.
Bernhoff Hansen 1918/06/23<
Still/again champion as of 20/07/04.
Jim Londos 1921/02<
Earl Caddock 1921/02/14 New York, NY
Still champion as of 21/11/29; Jack Ozar is billed as champion in New Castle, PA on 21/10/26.
Jim Londos [2] 1922/02/11<  
Billed as champion in Reading, PA.
Joe Banaski 1931/03/09<  
Defends the MWA World Title in Camden, NJ on this day; still champion in Camden as of 31/10/19.
John Kilonis 1932/01<
Pinky Gardner 1932/01/25 Camden, NJ
Ray Carpenter 1933/03/17 Schenectady, NY
Pinky Gardner [2] 1933/11/27<  
Steve Passas 1934/02/08<
Maurice LaChappelle * 1934/09<
Leo Wallick * 1934/09/26 Jamaica, NY
Maurice LaChappelle [2] * 1934/10/17<
Charley Fischer 1935/01/03<  
MWA World champion, recognized in New York and Pennsylvania.
Walter Roxy 1935/11/04 Detroit, MI
Also recognized in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Steve Passas [2] 1937/10/22<
Sometime after 37/05/18 (billed as a former champion on a Brooklyn newspaper).
Jesse James 1937/10/26 New York, NY
Reported in Pennsylvania as winning in Boston, MA.
Kaimon Kudo (Kimon Kudo) 1938/04/25 New York, NY
His real name is Kimon but his family in the US wants it spelt Kaimon; still champion as of 38/05/25.
Jesse James [2] 1939/12/29<  
Billed as champion in Wilkes-Barre, PA.