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WWC Light Heavyweight Title ( 1994 - 1996 )
APWA Light Heavyweight Title ( 1996 - 1997/08 )
RCW Light Heavyweight Title ( 1997/08 - 1998 )
NWA New York Light Heavyweight Title ( 1998 - 1999 )
NWA New York Junior Heavyweight Title ( 1999 - 2000/05 )

Eric Idol94/05Barnegat, NJ
Wins tournament final.
C.J. Summers94/08Barnegat, NJ
Prof. T. Eacher95/01Barnegat, NJ
Maverick95/04Barnegat, NJ
Prof. T. Eacher [2]95/06Barnegat, NJ
Defeats CJ Summers and Maverick in a triangle match.
Shinja95/08Parsippany, NJ
Vacant in 95/08.
Mr. Motion95/09Manahawkin, NJ
Defeats Heartbreaker in a tournament to be recognized as APWA Light Heavyweight champion.
C.J. Summers [2]96/01Manahawkin, NJ
Renamed RCW Light Heavyweight Title in 97/08.
Razor Martinez97/08/10Staten Island, NY
Renamed NWA New York Light Heavyweight Title in 98.
Chris Michaels99/04/10Staten Island, NY
Defeats Martinez, Eric Kreed, Rick Silver, Homicide and Crazy Ivan in a 6-man Hurricane match; renamed New York Junior Heavyweight Title in 99.
Eric Kreed00/09 *

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