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Long Island Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title

Gary Reno & Rocky Shore 97/11/22 Maspeth, NY
Recognized as the first champions.
Pittsburgh Steel Team: Big John & Little Tom 97/11/22 Maspeth, NY
Power Company 97/12/28 Maspeth, NY
Maniac Inc.: Bohemoth & Don Rock 98/02/03 Maspeth, NY
Later stripped of the title but continue to defend as outlaw champions.
Go Bald & Mongol Luv 99/02<
Vacant in 99/07<.
Crash & Vengeance99/09
Terra-X & Havok99/09
Homicide & Monsta Mack99/09
Vacant in 99/10.
The Rednecks: White Trash Willie & Matt Lariat99/11/06Brooklyn, NY
Defeat Grim Reefer & Terror X.
Chronic: Grim Reefer & Terror X99/11
Terra-X & Tower of Torture 00/01  
T.O.T. replaces the injured Reefer.
Christopher Street Connection: Mace & Buff-E00/03/18Brooklyn, NY
Da Hit Squad: Monsta Mack & Mafia00/05
The Legion Knights: Decon Riot & Father Legion00/07
Vacant in 00/08.
Rednecks From Hell: Big Jay & Matt Lariat00/12
The Solution: Papadon & Havok01/05
Lost & Found: Deranged & Azraiel01/07
The Solution [2] 01/07/21 Brooklyn, NY
Rednecks From Hell [2]01/08
Walking Destruction: Tower of Torture & Slugger01/11
Vacant in 01/12.
XXX: Mace Mendoza & Wrecka01/12
All Money is Legal: Kash & Kaoz 02/02/22 Brooklyn, NY
Dirty Rotten Scoundralz: EC Negro & KC Blade 02/03/22 Brooklyn, NY
All Money is Legal [2] 02/05/04 Brooklyn, NY
High & Low: Louie Ramos & Grim Reefer 02/06/01 Brooklyn, NY
Psycho Circus: Deranged & Lo'Ryda02/07

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