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Impact Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2013/10/18)

SAT: Joel Maximo & Jose Maximo01/06/30Elmhurst, NY
Defeat Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke in tournament final to become the first champions.
Da Hit Squad: Mafia (Dan Maff) & Monsta Mack02/01/25Elmhurst, NY
Natural Born Sinnerz: Boogalou & Homicide 02/08/29 Elmhurst, NY
Win a 3-way match against Da Hit Squad and Dixie & Brian XL; promotion temporarily closes in 02/09; declared vacant when ICW returns on 03/03/15 with Homicide & Boogalou no longer being a team; ICW is merged with USA Pro Wrestling in 03/07; continue to be vacant after ICW returns on 10/03/19.
Nana Corporation: Xavier & Christopher Daniels 10/10/22 Elmhurst, NY
Defeat Blood Ties: Ricky Reyes & Joel Maximo in an 8-team tournament final.
Heaven & Hell: Grim Reefer & Azrieal 10/11/26 Elmhurst, NY
Win a 3-way match against Xavier & Daniels and D.R.S.: EC Negro & KC Blade
BQE: J Lover & Tommy Buddz 11/05/13 Elmhurst, NY
SAT: Joel Maximo & Will Maximo 11/07/08 Elmhurst, NY
DRS: EC Negro & KC Blade 11/08/19 Elmhurst, NY
Amazing Red & Danny Demanto 11/10/29 Elmhurst, NY
Matt Taven & Rhett Titus 13/10/18 Elmhurst, NY

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