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Last updated on 2016/10/06

World Welterweight Title
[New York / New England]

Harvey Parker1903/12<
Alexander Swanson1903/12/03New York, NY
Charles Kaiser1908/01/24<
Billed as champion in Oswego, NY; still/again champion as of 08/02/18 in New Bedford, MA and 09/04/20 in Norwich, NY.
Chris Jordan1909/07/26<
Billed as champion in Revere, MA.
Fritz Hansen1910/01/14<
Billed as champion in Burlington, VT.
George Bothner1911/06/28<
Billed as World Middleweight, Welterweight, and Lightweight champion as of 15/11/30.
Fritz Hansen [2]1911/11/16<
Billed as champion in Laconia, NH; still/again champion as of 12/06/24 in Boston, MA, 14/01/21 in Laconia, NH, 14/03/29 in Richmond, VA, and 15/06/23 in Wilmington, NC.
George Bothner [2]1917/01/10<
Louis Nelson1918/02/18<
Young Hackenschmidt (Neil Olsen)1918/05/14New York, NY
Louis Nelson [2] 1918/06/13<
F. Ivan Benjamin defeats Al Ventres on 19/11/25 in Newburgh, NY in what is billed as a title match.
Jack Reynolds 1920/10/27 Cedar Rapids, IA
Has claimed the title as early as 19/10; defeats Nelson to end his claim; Freddie Verillo defeats Pete Colonius to claim the title in Meriden, CT on 29/04/16; Frank Janvier is billed as champion in Dunkirk, NY as of 30/04/21; Reynolds is still/again recognized in New York as of 30/08/15 and 31/05/31.