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Future Stars of Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/01/25)

Kenny King2009/05/24Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Derick Neikirk, Michael Modest, and Malachi Jackson in 4-way match to become the first champion.
Michael Modest2010/05/16Las Vegas, NV
Franco D'Angelo2011/01/21N. Las Vegas, NV
Vacant in 11/07 due to injury.
Alkatrazz2011/08/07Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Michael Modest and Funny Bone in 3-way match.
Tyshaun Prince 2012/07/21Las Vegas, NV
Shaun Ricker2013/05/25Las Vegas, NV
Remy Marcel2013/06/08Las Vegas, NV
Tyshaun Prince [2]2013/06/23Las Vegas, NV
Alkatrazz [2]2014/03/23Las Vegas, NV
Unifies the Elite Title, defeating Kenny King on 14/05/16 in Las Vegas, NV.
Matt Hardy2014/07/27Las Vegas, NV
Brian Cage2015/02/15Las Vegas, NV
Kevin Kross 2015/09/25 Las Vegas, NV
Eli Drake 2016/11/19 Las Vegas, NV