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Last updated on 2016/04/18

NWA Rocky Mountain Tag Team Title

Frank James & Don Kindred # 1953/01/26<  
Billed as champions in Oregon.
Danny Plechas & Ali Bey 1953/02/20<  
Recognized in New Mexico; also defeat Jack Claybourne & Mike DiBiase on 53/02/24 in Denver, CO for the vacant local recognition.
Fred Blassie & Miguel Lopez (Mike DiBiase) 1953/03/30Albuquerque, NM
Still champions as of 53/06/02.
John Simms & Jack Allen1955/04/11Albuquerque, NM
Defeat Count Zarnoff & Golden Terror in a one-night 5-team tournament final; another tournament held on next day in El Paso, TX.
Jack Allen & Jerry Woods1956<
Juan Garcia & Elias Garcia1956/05/28Albuquerque, NM
Still champions as of 57/10/16.
Danny Plechas & Rip Hawk * 1958
Jerry Woods & Rip Hawk1958/07/14<
Art Nelson & Danny Plechas 1958/10/30 Amarillo, TX
Defaet Larry Chene & Danno McDonald in tournament final to win both World and Rocky Mountain Titles; Woods & Hawk and the World champions Gory Guerrero & Ricky Romero are eliminatedin the first round.
Juan Garcia & Miguel Lopez 1958/11/24Albuquerque, NM
Defeat Art Nelson & Danny Plechas in 5-team tournament final.
Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan 1959/01/12Albuquerque, NM
Juan Garcia & Tommy Phelps1959/02/16Albuquerque, NM
Doug Donovan & Art Nelson1959/07/06Albuquerque, NM
Juan Garcia & Chief Round Table 1959/09/20<  
Sometime after 59/07/20.
Blimp O'Brian & Buddy O'Brian 1960/12/21<  
Ricky Romero & ??? 1972/05/06<  
Referred to as co-holder of the title on a Santa Fe, NM newspaper.