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World Wrestling Association
Junior Heavyweight Title
[New Jersey]

Johnny Hot Body1989/11/11
Defeats Tony Stetson.
Jim McPherson1989/12/16Camden, NJ
Tony Stetson1990/01/15Woodbury, NJ
Jim McPherson [2]1990/02/20Pennsville, NJ
Johnny Hot Body [2]1990/04/10Woodbury, NJ
Chris Candido1990/06/03Clifton, NJ
Jim McPherson [3]1991/05/25Florence, NJ
Chris Candido [2]1992/03/06Clementon, NJ
Defeats Chris Evans in toumament final.
Ray Odyssey1992/11/28Clementon, NJ
Ed Seely1993/05/15Williamstown, NJ
Ray Odyssey [2]1993/06/05Clementon, NJ
Ed Seely [2]1993/09/11Clementon, NJ
Ray Odyssey [3]1993/10/02Clementon, NJ
East L.A.1994/02/05Clementon, NJ
Vacant in 94/09 when East L.A. is stripped for not defending the title.
Jim McPherson [4]1994/12/03Clementon, NJ
Loses to El Latino but is given title by Larry Sharpe when El Latino is revealed to be East L.A.
John Rotten1995/04/01Clementon, NJ
Jim McPherson [5]1995/06/03Clementon, NJ
Vacant in 95.
Trikki Nikki 1995/10/07 Clementon, NJ
Wins battle royal; still/again champion as of 95/12/03.
David Dutch1996/03<
Stryker1996/03/02Clementon, NJ
Chuck Sloan1996/06<
Bobby Blake
Jake Bishop