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Last updated on 2011/11/10

UWA Tri-State Women's Title ( 2004/03 - 2004/09 )
NWA North Jersey Women's Title ( 2004/09 - 2005 )

Alere Little Feather 04/03/26 Newark, NJ
Wins an 8-way match against Alicia, Tara Charisma, Ariel, Cindy Rogers, Lady Lee , Shannon LaVey, and Luscious Lily to become the first UWA Tri-State champion.
Luscious Lily 04/05/23 Newark, NJ
Stripped on 04/07/31; renamed NWA North Jersey Title on 04/09/24.
Cindy Rogers 04/10/24  
Defeats Talia and Bobcat.
Ariel05/01/30Passaic, NJ
UWA leaves NWA in 05.

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