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Pro Wrestling Syndicate
Tag Team Title
(as of 2016/01/30)

Urban Legends: Devious & Wes Draven 2009/05/29 Garfield, NJ
Defeat Da Hoodz, Air-O-Dynamic, and The Best Around in 4-way elimination match to become the first champions.
Lone Rangers: John Silver & Pat Buck 2011/08/20 Ronkonkoma, NY
Buck becomes a co-promoter and vacates the title on 12/06/01
SM2: Mark Modest & Mike Matixx 2012/06/01 Rahway, NJ
Win a gauntlet match against Enhancement Talent: Jobber Dustin & Jobber Justin, Team Energy: Flames & Mike Magnum, The Nasty Boys: Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags, and The Phat Pack: DJ Phat Pat & Fallah.
Phat Pack: DJ Phat Pat & Fallah 2012/10/12 Rahway, NJ
Defeat SM2, Ray Smith & Shawn Edwards, and Team Energy: Flames & Mike Magnum in 4-way match.
Black Hollywood: Ray Smith & Shawn Edwards 2013/04/04 Metuchen, NJ
Defeat The Phat Pack, Reality Check, and South Side Playaz Club in 4-way match.
Heavenly Bodies: Desirable Dustin & Gigolo Justin 2013/06/08 Monroe, NJ
Lone Rangers: John Silver & Pat Buck 2014/02/22 Rahway, NJ
Alex Reynolds & Kyle Reynolds 2014/06/07 Rahway, NJ
Handicapped Heroes: Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen 2015/01/31 Rahway, NJ
Club Taboo: Craig Steele & Sandy Mann 2015/12/19 Rahway, NJ
Defeat Gregory Iron & Hush (subbing for Gowen), Alex Reynolds & Kyle Reynolds, and Aesthetics Enterprise: Beefcake Charlie & Damian Gibbs in 4-corners match.