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Pro Wrestling Syndicate
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2015/12/19)

Devon Moore 2008/05/02 Belleville, NJ
Defeats Kenny Omega in rematch of the 8-man tournament final to become the first champion after the original 3-way final between Moore, Omega, and Jack Evans ends as no contenst on 08/03/22 in Yonnkers, NY.
Trent Acid 2009/05/29 Garfield, NJ
Defeats Moore, Balls Mahoney, and Grim Reefer as the masked Deadpool; unmasks himself after the match.
Butterbean 2009/05/29 Garfield, NJ
Defeats Acid who makes an open challenge right after winning the title.
Kevin Matthews 2010/05/08 White Plains, NY
Vacant on 10/08/20.
Devon Moore [2] 2010/08/22 Fairfield, CT
Defeats Sami Callihan and Danny Demanto in 12-man tournament 3-way final.
Sami Callihan 2011/05/27 Queens, NY
Kevin Matthews [2] 2012/06/02 Rahway, NJ
Matt Hardy 2012/11/09 Rahway, NJ
Wins as the masked Rahway Reaper and unmasks as himself after the match.
Kevin Matthews [3] 2013/02/09Metuchen, NJ
Alex Reynolds 2013/09/20 Rahway, NJ
Bonesaw (Mike Dennis) 2013/09/20 Rahway, NJ
Cashes in his "On the Spot Title Shot" and defeats Reynolds.
Mario Bokara 2014/04/26 Rahway, NJ
Defeats Bonesaw and Kevin Matthews in 3-way match.
Bonesaw [2] 2014/12/21 Rahway, NJ
Fallah Bahh 2014/12/21 Rahway, NJ
Cashes in his "On The Spot Title Shot" medallion.
Mario Bokara [2] 2015/03/28 Rahway, NJ
Defeats Bahh and Dan Maff in 3-way match.
Dan Maff 2015/06/06 Rahway, NJ
Defeats Mokara and Fallah Bahh in 3-way match.
Habib from the Car Wash 2015/10/24 Rahway, NJ
Matt Macintosh 2015/11/20 Sayreville, NJ
Defeats Habib and Dan Maff in 3-way match.