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National Wrestling Superstars (   - 2012/03 )
National Pro Wrestling Superstars ( 2012/03 - 2012/12 )
Tag Team Title

Diablos Locos: Antonio Malave & Fierce Fuego 04 
Baghdad Bullies: Saddam Insane & TNT 06 
Bulldog Collare & Fred Sampson06/07/29Long Branch, NJ
Sychodellic Sissies: Ace Darling & Shane Taylor06/10/14Ridge Park, NJ
Team Supreme: Corvis Fear & Nicky Oceans 07  
Sychodellic Sissies [2] 07/06/02Pemberton, NJ
Motions And Oceans: Nicky Oceans & Shane Taylor 08  
Corvis Fear & Travis Blake09/03/14Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Vacant in 10.
Jersey Shore Jocks: Chris D'Andrea & Mike Dennis 10/08/21Union, NJ
Defeat Team Supreme: Corvis Fear & Nicky Oceans.
Damien Darling & Nicky Oceans 11/10 
2 Rude Dudes: Corey Havoc & Steve Rogers11/11/04Middletown, NJ
Johnny Ringo & Rocco Dorsey12/01/27Brick, NJ
2 Rude Dudes [2]12/03/03Island Heights, NJ
Lords Of Rock And Roll: Rikki Roxx & Jersey Kidd12/10/13S. Brunswick, NJ
Promotion merged with Funkdafied Wrestling Federation in 12/12.

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