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Jersey Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/06/13)

The MOB 1999/04/01
Defeat Sagon & Mufas to become the first champions; vacant when the MOB retires as champions.
Hit Squad: Monsta Mack & Mafia 2000/04/22 Elmwood Park, NJ
Defeat Russ Haas & Charlie Haas; held up after losing to Moondogs 2000: Wenzel & Molsonn in a non-title match on 01/01/06 in Lodi, NJ.
Moondogs 2000: Wenzel & Molsonn 2001/01/14 Teaneck, NJ
Win rematch.
Mafia & Low-Ki 2001/04/04 Lodi, NJ
Vacant after losing to Mafia & Low Ki on 01/04/14.
The Solution: Papadon & Havoc 2001/11/03 S. River, NJ
Win a 3-way match against the Soul Brothers and Judas Young & Dave Greco.
Los Barriquas 2002/12/29 Paramus, NJ
Team Ethic: Dixie & Dave Greco 2003
Hybrid: Inferno & Wenzel 2003/11/23 Garfield, NJ
Matt Striker & Ace Darling 2004/02/22 Garfield, NJ

Glitz & Glamour: Jarrett Foster & Steve Sterling 2014/06/13 Long Branch, NJ
Defeat Rhett Titus & Joey Janela.

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