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Jersey Championship Wrestling
Light Heavyweight Title

Judas Young 2000/04/14 Garfield, NJ
Defeats Billy Reil and Ryan Wing in the tournament 3-way final to become first champion.
Dave Grecco 2001/01/06 Lodi, NJ
Billy Reil 2001/09/07 S. River, NJ
Vacant in 01.
Insane Dragon 2001/11/03 S. River, NJ
Defeats Joey Rizzo.
Mark Brisco 2002/05/11 Garfield, NJ
Jay Lethal 2002
Rob Eckos (Robbie E.) 2002/12/29 Paramus, NJ
Vacant 03/03/23 due to injury.
Johnny Ova 2003/03/23 Garfield, NJ
Wins a gauntlet match against Bandido Jr., Dave Greco, J.D. Lishus, Shawn Sheridan, and Jay Lethal.
Shawn Sheridan 2003/09/28 Garfield, NJ
Kahagas 2004/04/10 Pinellas Park, FL
Defeats Shawn Sheridan.