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Jersey All Pro Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2018/02/24)

Joe Rules1997/10/31Bayonne, NJ
Wins a battle royal to become the first champion.
Pit Bull #21997/10/31Bayonne, NJ
Stripped on 97/12/05.
9111997/12/05Bayonne, NJ
Defeats Patch.
Don Montoya1998/08/25N. Bergen, NJ
Lou Diamond1999/02/26Secaucus, NJ
Declared vacant on 99/02/26 when Diamond gives the belt to 911.
Don Montoya [2]1999/03/12Bayonne, NJ
Wins a battle royal.
Homicide1999/07/09Bayonne, NJ
Chino Martinez1999/08/29Secaucus, NJ
Don Montoya [3]1999/10/29Bayonne, NJ
Stripped on 00/05/05.
Jason Knight2000/07/14Syreville, NJ
Wins a battle royal; vacant on 00/11/18.
Homicide [2]2000/11/18Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Jay Lover.
Low-Ki2001/07/07Philadelphia, PA
Homicide [3]2001/08/18Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Low-Ki and Xavier in 3-way match with the stipulation that the Light Heavyweight Title will be awarded to Xavier if Low-Ki loses.
Dixie2002/02/02Bayonne, NJ
Defeats Homicide and the Insane Dragon in a 3-way match for the Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, and New Jersey State titles.
Homicide [4]2002/05/26Seaside Heights, NJ
Slyk Wagner Brown2002/09/13Bayonne, NJ
Homicide [5]2002/09/20Bayonne, NJ
Mafia (Dan Maff) 2003/02/22Woodbridge, NJ
Al Snow2003/08/02Rahway, NJ
Jerry Lawler2003/11/08Secaucus, NJ
Dan Maff [2]2003/12/13Rahway, NJ
Defeats Lawler and Shane Douglas in a 3-way match; vacant on 05/03/26 when Maff retires.
Homicide [6]2005/03/26Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Jay Lethal.
Jay Lethal2005/05/21Braintree, MA
Defeats Homicide, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Steen.
Rhino2006/01/07Rahway, NJ
Vacant on 06/10/28 when Rhino no-shows for a scheduled title defense.
Teddy Hart2006/10/28Rahway, NJ
Defeats Homicide, Low-Ki, and Necro Butcher in a 4-way match; vacant on 07/03/18.
Low Ki [2]2007/03/17Rahway, NJ
Defeats Rhyno in the finals of a gauntlet match.
Homicide [7]2007/10/27Rahway, NJ
Low-Ki [3]2007/10/27Rahway, NJ
Pins Homicide in a tag team match with a stipulation that Homicide loses the title if pinned by anyone (Low-Ki is not in the match).
Kenny Omega2008/03/08Jersey City, NJ
Jay Lethal [2] 2009/02/28 Jersey City, NJ
Dan Maff [3] 2009/06/27 Jersey City, NJ
Brodie Lee 2010/11/20 Rahway, NJ
Defeats Dan Maff, Azrieal, and Nick Gage in a 4-way match; declared vacant on 12/01/01.
Dan Maff [4] 2012/04/14 Rahway, NJ
Defeats Low Ki on the last card of the promotion; vacant/inactive.
BLK Jeez 2016/11/12 Rahway, NJ
Defeats B-Boy.