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Independent Wrestling Federation
American Heavyweight Title

Steve Corino 1998/06
Billed as champion on arrival, bringing title in from NWA 2000/AWC (Corino holds AWC Heavyweight Title at the time and has held NWA 2000 American Heritage Heavyweight Title in previous year).
Kevin Knight (Kevin Serio)1999/03/20Nutley, NJ
Steve Corino [2]1999/10/23S. Plainfield, NJ
Kevin Knight [2]1999/10/23S. Plainfield, NJ
Corino gives title back to Knight.
Biggie Biggs2000/03/11S. Plainfield, NJ
Hadrian2001/06/03W. Orange, NJ
Josh Daniels2001/07/08W. Paterson, NJ
Damian Adams2001/08/12W. Paterson, NJ
Josh Daniels [2]2001/10/07W. Orange, NJ
Vacant on 02/02/20.
Hadrian2002/02/23 W. Peterson, NJ
Wins four corners match
Erik Andretti2003/01/25W. Paterson, NJ
Shawn Donavan2003/04/12W. Paterson, NJ
Brandon Young2003/11/22W. Paterson, NJ
Vacant in 04.
Biggie Biggs [2]2004/04/28W. Long Branch, NJ
Defeats Kevin Knight.
Shane O'Brien2005/03/25W. Paterson, NJ
Or 05/04/16 or 05/06/24.
Justin Corino2006/01/21W. Paterson, NJ
Travis Blake2006/08/18W. Paterson, NJ
Chris Steeler2006/11/17W. Paterson, NJ
Travis Blake [2]2007/01/21W. Paterson, NJ
Kevin Knight [3]2007/08/18W. Paterson, NJ
Chris Steeler [2]2008/05/17W. Paterson, NJ
Vik Voorhees2008/08/23W. Paterson, NJ
Justin Corino [2]2008/08/31Paterson, NJ
Damian Adams2008/09/21W. Paterson, NJ
Kareem West2009/04/25W. Paterson, NJ
Franciz2009/07/26W. Paterson, NJ
Mad Dawg Jenkins 2009/11/21 W. Paterson, NJ
Vacant in 09/12.
Chachi 2009/12/23 W. Paterson, NJ
Defeats Chris Steeler, Damian Adams, and Justin Corino in tournament 4-way final.
Aaron Stride 2010/05/21 W. Paterson, NJ
Flex Freeman 2010/11/20 W. Paterson, NJ
Kraig Stagg 2011/07/30 W. Paterson, NJ
Vacant after IWF stops promoting in a regular basis on 11/10/30.
Biggie Biggs 2012/04/28 Nutley, NJ
Defeats Dr. Hurtz.
Corey Havoc 2014/09/28 Nutley, NJ
Dan Kinnally 2015/05/02 Nutley, NJ
Sage 2015/07/11 Nutley, NJ
Galindo 2016/02/06 Nutley, NJ
Michael Cammett 2016/09/24 Nutley, NJ
Promotion closes on 17/06/29.