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East Coast Pro Wrestling
Television Title
(as of 2013/10/15)

Metal Maniac97/12/21Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Defeats Devon Storm and Lord Zieg in 3-way match.
Enigma98/04/22Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Gino Caruso98/05<
Nick Maddox99/06<
Johnny Thundar
Metal Maniac01/03/28<
Johnny Thundar01/10/27Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Defeats Ryan Wing in an 8-man tournament final.
Andrew Anderson03/01/25<
Sometime after 02/11/22.
Mo Sexy03
Sometime after 03/05/16.
Crazy Ivan04/12<
Jay Santana05/03/19Edison, NJ
Jersey Devil06/05/11<
Sometime after 06/03/27.
Mike Reed06/08/01<
Vacant in 06/12.
Jersey Devil [2]06/12/27Edison, NJ
Defeats Thunder and Anderson in a 3-way match.
Dan Mandini10/04
C.K. Kross10/04/30<
Crazy Ivan [2]11/04/29<
Sometime after 10/11/12.
Tony Fiore11/09/23Jersey City, NJ
Crazy Ivan [3]12/07/20Paramus, NJ

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