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East Coast Pro Wrestling
Light Heavyweight Title
(as of 2013/10/15)

Rocky Jones95/04<
C.J. Summers95/04/26Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Defeats Jackie Black; still champion as of 95/08/30.
Theodore Eacher96/08<
Chino Martinez96/09/25Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Joe Rules97
Kid Blast97/10/29
Wins a tournament.
Judas Young99/06/30Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Wins a 3-way match against Abunai and Enigma.
Abunai [2]
Ryan Wing01/01/31<
Dave Delicious [2]01/03/28Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Defeats Ryan Wing and Arch Angel in 3-way match; vacant sometime after 02/11/22.
Damien Adams03/02/22Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Defeats Dennis Ianuba.
Scotty Charisma03/05/16Suffern, NY
Johnny Ova
Defeats Charisma and Rob Eckos in a 3-way match.
Dave Delicious [3]
Abunai [3]
Wins a tournament.
Dan De Man04/12<
Crazy Ivan05/12/28<
Sometime after 05/09/03.
Abunai [4]06/03/27<
Vacant in 06 (sometime after 06/05/11).
Gil Quest06/08/01<
Defeats Judas Young, Nick Napoleon, and Dan De Man.
Abunai [5]07/11<
Sometime after 07/04/06.
Mario Zuto07/11/30Wayne, NJ
Maybe vacant sometime between 08/05/30 and 08/10/16.
Ace Wylde08/10/17Edison, NJ
Defeats Timothy Plazma.
Timothy Plazma [2]09/11/06<
Sometime after 09/04/04.
The Merengue Warrior10/11/12<
Sometime after 10/05/22.
Peacmaker12/10/19?Paramus, NJ?
Sometime after 12/01/20; still champion as of 12/11/16.
Scotty Charisma [2]13/03/22<
Dan De Man [2]13/05/17Paramus, NJ
Defeats Charisma and Dominican Diablo in 3-way match.

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