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NWA United States Tag Team Title

[New Jersey]

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Lost Boys: Yar & Wolf1996/02/03Cherry Hill, NJ
Defeat Greek Connection & Bad Attitude in triangle match.
Bad Attitude: Seek & Destroy1996/04/27Yardsville, NJ
Downward Spiral: Twiggy Ramirez & Adrian Hall1996/11/16Blackwood, NJ
Lost Boys [2]1996/12/07Mount Holly, NJ
Defeat Ramirez & Madonna Wayne Gacy, subbing for Hall.
Downward Spiral [2]1997/03/08Paulsboro, NJ
Beach Bullies: Ray Odyssey & Inferno Kid1997/04/12Yardsville, NJ
Misfits: Derek Domino & Harley Lewis1997/06/14Vineland, NJ
Ian Rotten & Blaze1997/09/20Bardstown, KY
Vacant on 98/01/22 when Rotten surrenders the title.
Misfits [2]1998/02/07Somerdale, NJ
Defeat Twiggy Ramirez & Devon Storm.
Ace Darling & Devon Storm1998/02/28Philadelphia, PA
Misfits [3]1998/03/22Garfield, NJ
Lance Diamond & Steve Corino1998/07/31Mt. Holly, NJ
Pit Bulls1998/08/22Mt. Holly, NJ
Misfits: Harley Lewis & Lupus1998/11/13Hazlet, NJ
Doug Gilbert & Buddy Landel1999/06/05Holmdel, NJ
Public Enemy: Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge1999/10/30N. Brunswick, NJ
Defeat Gilbert & Tommy Rich, subbing for injured Landell.
Pit Bulls [2]1999/12/11W. Deptford, NJ
Tommy Cairo & Chris Candido win the title on 00/04/07 in Tom's River, NJ, but the decision is later reversed by NWA Jersey officials.

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