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NWA New Jersey Junior Heavyweight Title

Kevin Knight1999/02/06Holmdel, NJ
Defeats Ric Ratchett in tournament final to become first champion.
Inferno Kid1999/03/06Ocean County, NJ
Twiggy Ramirez1999/04/30Matawan, NJ
Defeats Kid and Lance Diamond in triangle match.
Kevin Knight [2]1999/07/21Marlboro, NJ
Bob Cat1999/07/24Pine Hill, NJ
Rik Ratchet1999/08/19Keansburg, NJ
Wins title in a tag team match with pinning person getting the title; vacant on 99/11/06 in Jefferson, NJ between Ratchet and Nicole Bass as a result of a controversial decision.
Inferno Kid [2]1999/11/12Hazlet, NJ
Defeats John Kronus and Kevin Knight in a triangle ladder match.
Rik Ratchett [2]1999/11/13Point Pleasant, NJ
Title retired in 00/01 when promoter Dennis Coralluzzo is expelled from NWA.

* See also NWA Jersey Junior Heavyweight Title.