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Cyberspace Wrestling Federation ( 2002/10 - 2005/01 )
NWA Cyberspace ( 2005/01 - 2006/06 )
NWA Shockwave ( 2006/06 - 2007/06 )
Internet Title

Billy Firehawk02/10/19Flemington, NJ
Wins a 15 man Rumble Royale to become the first CSWF Internet Champion.
Justin Powers03/07/12Rahway, NJ
Stripped when he is unable to compete for undisclosed reasons.
Mike Tobin04/04/24Wayne, NJ
Defeats Josh Daniels to win vacant title; renamed NWA CyberSpace Title on 05/01/08.
Josh Daniels05/03/06Wayne, NJ
Bobby Roode06/03/18Deer Park, NY
Vacates on 06/05/21 after winning the Heavyweight Title on 06/03/26; renamed NWA Shockwave Title in 06/06.
Papadon07/01/13Boonton, NJ
Defeats Grim Reefer, Josh Daniels, and Mike Tobin in a 4-way match.
Josh Daniels [2]07/05/05Clifton, NJ
Papadon [2]07/06/02Clifton, NJ
Wins a 2-fall 3-way match against Daniels and Havoc with Daniels' Internet Title on the line in the first fall and Havoc's Heavyweight Title in the second fall.

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