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PWF Northeast Tag Team Title

Bash Brothers: Frankie Armadillo & Kid Krazy02/02/23Plainfield, CT
Awarded when their opponent Showtime Posse no-show for a match to crown the first champions.
Fuzion: Mike Paiva & Blade02/07/14Pottstown, PA
Johnny Curtis &  Kenn Phoenix02/10/28Cornelia, GA
Mike Paiva & Kid Mikaze02/11/15Woonsocket, RI
Talent Exchange: Kenn Phoenix & Johnny Curtis03/02/15Worcester, MA
Defeat Thrillogy: Chris Camaro & Kid Mikaze and Fuzion: Mike Paiva & Blade in TLC match.
Kyle Storm & Matt Storm03/04/04Plainfield, CT
Vacant on 03/08/16 after Kyle purchases the company from Mark Reality.
Thrillogy: Chris Camaro & Kid Mikaze03/09/19Webster, MA
Camaro wins the "Toxic Waltz", winning the title for Thrillogy.
Intolerance: Billy Black & Jose Perez04/03/27Webster, MA
Sandman & Jason Blade 04/04/10Webster, MA
Blade substitutes New Jack; asked to vacate the title on 04/04/25 due to Blade's name not appearing on the original match contracts.
Pride: Brian Nunes & Dan Freitas04/07/10Webster, MA
Defeat Matt Logan & Bryan Logan in tournament final.
Elements of Suicide: Onyx & Cinna04/09/24N. Providence, RI
Unify PWF Northeast and Mayhem titles.
Pride [2] 04/11/26 N. Providence, RI
Recognized as PWF Mayhem champions after 05/01/29.

Da Hoodz: Kris Pyro & Davey Cash 10/11/07  
Reigning NECW champions, recognized as PWF Northeast champions after NECW closes on 10/11/06.
David Baker & Devin Baker 12/03/03 Providence, RI
Asylum: Mistress Belmont & SKAB 12/10/06 Providence, RI
Defeat the Baker Boys and Bi-Polar Express: John Munroe & T.J. Richter in 3-way match; promotion closes in 13/10.

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