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Mayhem Independent Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Dave Padula 1998/09/19
Wins a 20-man "Toxic Waltz" to become the first champion.
Ivan Zangvine # 1998/10/24
Takes the belt and claims to be the champion after Padula leaves the promotion in a dispute with president Vinny D'Martino.
Ivan Zangvine 1999/10/31
Wins a 15-man "Toxic Waltz" to gain an official recognition.
Johnny Angel 2000/04/29 Concord, NH
Promotion becomes inactive in 00; stripped in 04 when the promotion resumes due to schedule conflict.
Dave Padula [2] 2004/07/11
Awarded by the committee, seeing him as the last Mayhem Hard-core Champion.
Billy Black 2005/01/14
Triplelicious 2005/03/04
Ebony Blade 2005/05/27
Triplelicious [2] 2005/12/17 Quincy, MA
Defeats Ebony Blade and PWF Northeast champion Jason Bladein a tournament to become the unified PWF Mayhem champion.

* See PWF Mayhem Heavyweight Title.