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International Championship Wrestling ( 1985 - 1991/01 )
International World Class Championship Wrestling ( 1991/01 - mid-1990s )
Tag Team Title

Masked Russians1985
Tom Brandi & Prince Mike Kaluha1987/10<
Moondogs: Spot & Spike 1987/12/28
Moondog Spike & Dungeon Master1988
Vic Steamboat & Joe Savoldi1988/09Presque Isle, ME
Phil Apollo & Eric Sbraccia1989/03/05Augusta, ME
Vic Steamboat & Joe Savoldi [2]1989/07/01Marlboro, MA
Undertakers: Henchman & Punisher 1989/12/11Newark, NJ
Phil Apollo & Eric Sbraccia [2]1989/12/28Portland, ME
Lethal Weapons: Doug Gilbert & Dennis Condrey 1989/12/30Augusta, ME
Defeat Apollo & Vic Steamboat; vacant in 90.
Undertakers [2]1990/03/31Charlton, MA
Defeat Phil Apollo & Eric Sbraccia.
Billion Dollar Babies: Mike Samson & G.Q. Stratus 1991/02/20Monticello, NY
T.D. Madison & G.Q. Madison1991/02/20Monticello, NY
Equalizers: Zap & Zip 1991/02/23Meriden, CT
T.D. Madison & G.Q. Madison [2]1991/03/09Staten Island, NY
Georgia Guerillas1991/04/19S. China, ME
T.D. Madison & G.Q. Madison [3]1991/04
Billion Dollar Babies [2]1991/06/01Wolfeboro, NH
Defeat T.D. Madison in handicap match.
Equalizers [2]1991/06/05Brooklyn, NY
Billion Dollar Babies [3]1991/06/05Brooklyn, NY
Vacant in 92/02< when the team leaves the promotion.
Sioux War Party: White Cloud & Dancing Wolf 1992/05/09Hamburg, PA
Defeat Canadians in 8-team tournament final.
Jimmy Deo & L.A. Gore1993/06/08Dover, NH
Sioux War Party [2]1993/06/08Dover, NH
Vacant in 94.
Samoan Gangsters1995/12/26Hamburg, PA