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Last updated on 2014/03/08

International Championship Wrestling ( 1984 - 1991/01 )
International World Class Championship Wrestling ( 1991/01 - mid-1990s )
Heavyweight Title

Carlos Colon1984
WWC Universal Champion, recognized as Universal Champion by ICW upon promotion's start.
Dory Funk Jr. 1985/02/26 Methuen, MA
Funk's title win may be voided with both wrestlers having there feet on the ropes durring the pin; Funk defeats Colon again on 85/02/27 in San Juan, PR (or Bangor, ME?).
Joe Savoldi1986/04<
Phil Apollo1987/03<
Vacant in 87/10< when Apollo leaves the promotion.
Joe Savoldi [2]
Wins battle royal.
Moondog Spike1988
Joe Savoldi [3]1988
Jonathan Boyd1988/12/28Augusta, ME
Joe Savoldi [4]1989/01Presque Isle, ME
Tony Atlas1989/02/11Presque Isle, ME
Vic Steamboat1990/07/24Middletown, NY
Tony Atlas [2]1991/04/19S. China, ME
Vacant in 93/03 when Atlas no longer wrestles for the promotion.
Tito Santana1994/02/09Yardville, NJ
Defeats Greg Valentine.
Greg Valentine1995/03/03Orwigsburg, PA
Koko B. Ware1995/06/02Chattanooga, TN *