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CWA Television Title ( 1995/12 - 1998/01 )
NWA New England Television Title ( 1998/01 - 2007/03 )

Metal Maniac1994/07<
Doink the Clown (Steve Keirn)1994/07/16Springfield, MA
Vacant in 95/12<
Vic Steamboat1995/12/12Hartford, CT
Defeats Knuckles Nelson in tournament final.
Knuckles Nelson1996/07/06Derry, NH
Vic Steamboat [2]1997/12/08Brattleboro, VT
Renamed NWA New England Television Title in 98/01.
Knuckles Nelson # 1998/07/04 SIN *
Vic Steamboat #1998/08/28
Nelson stripped of the title, reign will not be recognized in the company annuals; Steamboat vacates on 98/09/21.
The Mercenary1998/10/17
Defeats Curtis Slamdawg and Millenium in Triple Threat match.
Bob Evans1999/02/18Mansfield, MA
Tre1999/05/29Somerville, MA
Bob Evans [2]1999/05/29Somerville, MA
Beau Douglas1999/06/27Somerville, MA
Slyck Wagner Brown1999/08/22Somerville, MA
Vacant in 00/04.
Beau Douglas [2]2000/06/22Somerville, MA
Defeats Joel Davis and Kyle Storm in a triangle match.
Bull Montana2001/02/18Raynham, MA
Trooper Gilmore
Given the title by Montana.
Beau Douglas [3]2001
Lando Williams2001/08/08Melrose, MA
Jacey North2001/08/24Melrose, MA
Freight Train Dan2002/01Melrose, MA
Defeats Apocalypse; vacant when Dan leaves.
Outpatient2002/07/13Woonsocket, RI
Defeats Black Dragon.
Todd Hanson2002/10/05Wakefield, MA
Adam Booker2005/07/22Everett, MA
Defeats Beau Douglas in a tournament final.

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