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NWA New England Brass Knuckles Title

Mike Johnson2000/06/22Somerville, MA
Defeats Trooper Gilmore to become first champion.
Trooper Gilmore2000/07/20Somerville, MA
Gino Martino2000/08/24Somerville, MA
Defeats Trooper Gilmore, Nemesis, Jaime Paine, and Zach Mason; stripped in 00 for attacking the commissioner.
The Outpatient2000/11
Awarded; title vacant in 01.
Rick Fuller2001/06/09Milford, MA
Wins a 20-man royal rumble.
Eric Sbraccia2002/02/16Malden, MA
Vacant when Sbraccia leaves the promotion.
Gino Martino [2]2004/06/06Buxton, ME
Wins a 12-man taped-fist battle royal.
Osirus2004/08/03Buxton, ME
Gino Martino [3]2004/08/10Buxton, ME

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