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Century Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Title ( 1993/10 - 1998/05 )
NWA New England Tag Team Title ( 1998/05 - 2007/03/10 )
Century Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Title ( 2007 )

Double Trouble: Val Puccio & Tony Puccio1993/10/23Wakefield, MA
Defeat Interns.
Ray Odyssey & Vic Steamboat1994/03/25Wakefield, MA
Trouble Makers: Chaos & Mayhem1994/07<
Fatal Attractions
Hollywood Kidz: Flash & Star1996/01<
Eric Sbraccia & Sonny C.1996/07<
Public Enemy: Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge
Extremists: Ace Darling & Devon Storm1996/07/24Worcester, MA
Brotherhood: Knuckles Nelson & Eric Sbraccia1997/10/18Lawrence, MA
Renamed NWA New England Tag Team Title in 98/05.
House of Pain: Frank Gulli & Joe Gulli1998/09/19Kingstown, RI
Defeat Brotherhood members Trooper Gilmore & Joel Davis.
Ark Angels: Phoenix King & Damon D'Archangelo1999/02/19Mansfield, MA
House of Pain [2]1999/02/19Mansfield, MA
Win on the same night.
Ark Angels [2]1999/03/13Southbridge, MA
Brotherhood: Knuckles Nelson & Dukes Dalton1999/08/22Somerville, MA
New York Posse: Curtis Slamdawg & Jay Kobain1999/09/22Somerville, MA
Brotherhood [2]1999/10/02Thomaston, CT
Vacant in 00/02 when Brotherhood split.
Jason Rage, Wagner Brown, & Luis Ortiz 2000/06/22Somerville, MA
Defeat Nemesis & Scarecrow and Muhammad the Butcher & Gino Martino in a triangle match.
Millennium Killaz: Muhammad the Butcher & Gino Martino2000/07/20Somerville, MA
Luis Ortiz & Jason Rumble2000/08/24Somerville, MA
The Asylum: Apocalypse & Armageddon2000/11/18Somerville, MA
Defeat First Strike: Tiger Fang & Mike Lee and Rush & C.J. Brock in 3-way match; stripped in 01/05.
Criminally Insane2001/07/21Wakefield, MA
Defeat Zak Mason & Chris Charisma.
Trailer Park Trash: Deuce Malone & Steve Sabo2001/10/27Woburn, MA
Kappa Tegga Kegga2002/06/01Woonsocket, RI
The Seven: Vertabreaker & Apocalypse: 2002/07/13Woonsocket, RI
Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas2003/04/06Riverside, RI
The Elite: Sonny Roselli & Larry Huntley2004/06/19Sanford, ME
Defeat Beau Douglas and Handsome Johnny.
The Rough Ryders: Nyxx & Devin Raines2004/11/19Sanford, ME
Defeat The Elite and Mark Moment & Paulie Gilmore in a 3-way match.
Pierre Vachon & Damian Vachon2005/07/22Everett, MA
Defeat The Rough Ryders and The Big Islanders in a 3-way match.
Sonny Roselli & Larry Huntley2005/10/07Springfield, TN
Deafet the Vachons and the Big Islanders: Makua & Ka Hoku in a 3-way match.
Trooper Gilmore & Corporal Johnson2005/11/25Revere, MA
Defeat Larry Huntley & Nick Santone and Makua & Eric Egoh.
Pierre Vachon & Damien Vachon [2]2006/05/11Fall River, MA
Big Islanders: Makua & Kahoku2006/06/24Revere, MA
Renamed CWA Title on 07/03/10 when the promotion leaves NWA.

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