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Century Wrestling Alliance Light Heavyweight Title ( 1993/01 - 1998/01 )
NWA New England Cruiserweight Title ( 1998/01 - 1999/03 )
NWA New England Junior Heavyweight Title ( 1999/03 - 2003/10 )
NWA New England Cruiserweight Title ( 2006/05 - 2007/03/10 )
Century Wrestling Alliance Cruiserweight Title ( 2007 )

Tazmaniac (Tazz)1993/01/03Windor Locke, CT
Defeats Flex Wheeler in tournament final.
Ray Odyssey1993/02/09Wakefield, MA
El Marcarado1993/09/25York, ME
Ray Odyssey [2]1993/12/05Tewskbury, MA
El Marcarado [2]1994/05/22Lynn, MA
Pink Assassin1995/12/23Provincetown, MA
El Marcarado [3]1996/03/08Manchester, NH
Pink Assassin [2]1996/11/26Rutland, VT
El Marcarado [4]1997/01/31Chelsea, MA
Joel Davis1997/02/18Chelsea, MA
Millennium1997/10/18Lawrence, MA
Renamed NWA New England Cruiserweight Title in 98/01.
Tre1998/05/09Somerville, MA
Luis Ortiz1998/12/29Somerville, MA
Renamed NWA New England Junior Heavyweight Title around 99/03.
Jay Jaillet1999/04/03Milford, CT
Jeff Mangles1999/06/19Dorchester, MA
Defeats Jaillet in a 3-way match.
Jason Rage1999/08/22Somerville, MA
Jeff Mangles [2]2000/01/16Wethersfield, CT
Defeats Rage and Wagner Brown in triple threat match; title vacant in 2000.
Luis Ortiz [2]2000/03/11Southbridge, MA
Defeats Jason Rage.
Jay Jaillet2000/04/22Salisbury, MA
Vince Vicallo2000/06/22Somerville, MA
Defeats Tiger Fang, Dan Bidondi and Luis Ortiz in a triangle match.
Dan Bidondi2000/09/28Somerville, MA
Joel Davis2000/11/18Somerville, MA
Zak Mason2001/03/26Somerville, MA
Kid Narcissistic2001/10/27Woburn, MA
Jason Rumble2002/04/20Woonsocket, RI
Kid Narcisstic [2]2002/06/01Woonsocket, RI
Vacant in 02.
Jason Rumble [2]2002/04/20Woonsocket, RI
Stripped on 02/07/13 due to interference.
Tommy Knoxville2002/08/24Woonsocket, RI
Defeats T.J. Richter.
Jason Rumble [3]2002/10/18Woonsocket, RI
Captain Charisma and Spider2003/07/26Lowell, MA
Becomes co-champions after commisioner Marc Greene sanctions a match between Charisma & Spider and Rumble & Paulie Gilmore with the title on the line; vacant and inactive in 03/10.
Paul Hudson2006/05/12
Defeats Cameron Replay in a tournament final.
Jason Rumble [4]2006/11/25Saugus, MA
Defeats Hudson, X champion Matt Ledge, Cameron Matthews, and TNT to win both titles; vacant.
Matt Ledge2007/03/10Saugus, MA
Defeats Legion Cage, Paul Hudson, Cameron Matthews, and Scotty Vegas in an elimination match.

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