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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2011/11/10

Big Time Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2013/03/15)

Slade (Antoine Roy) & Rush07/05/12< 
Still champions as of 08/10/10.
Dukes Dalton & Mike Hallow 08/10/26 Malden, MA
Antoine Roy & Rush [2] 08/12/06<  
Total Eclipse: Slyk Wagner Brown & Tre 09/06/19<  
Eddie Delfonzo & Tony Delfonzo10/11/20Webster, MA
Hot Commodity: Danny Miles & Scott Reed11/03/25Webster, MA
Defeat the Delfonzo Brothers, Black Talent'd Wrestlerz: Bobby Ocean & Tre, and Scufflin Hillbillies: Larry Huntley & Sonny Roselli in 4-way match.
Eddie Delfonzo & Tony Delfonzo [2]11/09< 
Hot Commodity [2]11/12< 
Black Talent'd Wrestlerz (Total Eclipse) [2] 11/12/10 Middleboro, MA
Still champions as of 12/02/10.
Scufflin Hillbillies: Larry Huntley & Sonny Roselli 12/03/31<  
Still champions as of 12/04/27.
A.J. Mitrano & Mr. T.A. 12/10/07 Caribou, ME

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