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Last updated on 2017/04/12

Big Time Wrestling
East Coast Heavyweight Title

Chief Blue Eagle1955/12/15<
Black Terror1956/01/07Revere, MA
Jesse James1956/02/04?Revere, MA?
Still champion as of 57/05/03 and 57/07/20.
Curt Douglas1958/07
"Few weeks ago", according to Boston American on 58/07/31.
Jesse James [2]1959/05/02Revere, MA
Curt Douglas [2]1959/12
Sometime between 59/12/03 and 59/12/30.
Jesse James [3]1960/05/21Revere, MA
Still champion as of 60/09/14.
Curt Douglas [3]1961/03/09<
Jesse James [4]1961/03
Sometime between 61/03/11 and 61/03/25; former champion 61/04/04.
Bull Montana (Chuck Montana)1961/11<
Dominic DeNucci1961/12N. Attleboro, MA
"Two weeks ago" according to Boston Record American on 61/12/15.
Frank Scarpa1962/03/15Boston, MA
United States champion wins a double title match.
Sonny Fargo1962/04/05Boston, MA
Wins East Coast Title only; still champion as of 62/05/19.
Jesse James [5] 1962/07/10<
Still/again champion as of 63/02/03, 66/02/01, and 66/04/28; still/again billed as champion Holyoke, MA as of 70/08/12.